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General Questions:

Q:  I pay an average of $55 per lead on Zillow, but you are offering me a lifetime of leads for free!  What’s the catch? How do you make your money?

Unlike most lead generation platforms, our business model is performance based.  We currently make $0 from the network but will soon make it paid service once every zip code in the United States has at least 1 qualified real estate agent.  We are therefore fully aligned and committed to doing what it takes to make our members successful.

Q: Is this Legal?

Absolutely! Please read our Terms and Conditions if you have any additional questions on the legal aspects.

Q:  I belong to a nationwide brokerage that already has an internal referral network.  Can I still use DishTheDeal?

We encourage you to consult with and comply with your Broker's instructions.  DishTheDeal offers a pre-negotiated 25% referral fee that is typically higher than most agents would receive with most internal referral agreements.  Our system is also highly streamlined which typically saves you a ton of time over most contemporary systems.

Q:  I just signed up.  What is the quickest way to start making money through the system?

Start sending leads! If you need some ideas on where to get leads, navigate to Tips for Success once logged into your dashboard.  The faster you start sending leads, the faster you will start making referral commissions and the more points you will accumulate that will enable you to receive leads.



Q:  What are the commission splits?

The co-broke for a completed transaction gets split 75/25.   75% for the Receiving Agent / Buyer’s Broker; 25% for the Referring Agent.

Q: I understand I make 25% referral commission on any deal that I send that eventually closes.  Are there any other fees?

No, there are no other fees!  Your Brokerage gets paid and you earn whatever your employment agreement with your brokerage outlines.  [The only exception is if you signed up under a promotion with a deferred membership fee. We will deduct any deferred membership fees from your commission check.]

Q:  I’m an agent and have a pass-through agreement with my broker on referral fees earned.  Can I have referral checks sent directly to me?

No, referral checks will be sent directly to your broker.  Your broker will compensate you per your employment agreement.

Q:  When and how do I get paid my referral commission?

DishTheDeal will help facillitate your referral check (on a per-need basis) within 30 days (usually much sooner) of the transaction closing. To avoid delays, please have your W9 and a copy of your Brokerage License already uploaded to our system.


Sending Leads:

Q:  Do I need a Lead’s consent before I send their information?

Absolutely.  Getting informed consent of the Lead helps ensure that only quality leads are being sent through the system.  It’s an easy conversation though; navigate to Tips for Success if you want some pointers on the Referral Conversation.

Q:  I’m ready to send a lead.  What information will I need and how do I do it?

From your Dashboard, navigate to Sending Leads.  There will be a form that asks you for lead information including name, phone, e-mail, target city, estimated purchase price, and timeframe of move.  Input the information and hit ‘Send’.

Q:  How can I trust that the Lead I send will get treated right by the Receiving Agent?

The Buyer ultimately bears the decision on whether they want to work with an Agent.  Our system is designed to incentivize those Agents that are doing the right thing. However, if for whatever reason, the Lead isn’t being treated right by the Receiving Agent, they can fire the Agent and the Sending Agent can re-send the Lead.

Q:  What if I send a Lead for a location that doesn’t have any members?

This typically only happens for smaller rural areas.  Our membership is nationwide and covers most cities.  If we don’t have a member in the target area, our marketing team will step in and get some agents signed up for either a full membership or a one-time deal.  


Receiving Leads:

Q:  What can I expect in terms of quantity of received leads?

Our system is designed to encourage and incentivize those who send leads.  So simply put, the more quality leads that you send, the higher the probability that you will receive quality leads.  We can’t say this strongly enough:  The easiest and fastest way to make money through our system is to send good quality leads.

Q:  What can I expect in terms of level of quality of received leads?

The Sending Agent will qualify and get the Lead’s permission to send their information in our system.  This informed consent ensures that the lead will be much more qualifed than other online lead sources. Not all DishTheDeal leads translate to deals but conversion rates are much higher with Agent referrals.

Q:  Do I have to accept a lead?  Am I penalized if I don’t accept?

No, and No.  Sometimes you are just too busy or for whatever reason are not in a good position to accept a Lead. Just don't accept the lead when sent to you and you will be first in line for the next lead in your area!

Q:  What happens if I can’t get in touch with or the Lead doesn’t want to work with me?

Change the Lead Status to “No Deal” in our system and input the reason.  As long as you are doing the right thing as an agent, you will not be penalized and will get the next lead in your area.

Q:  How will the leads come to me?

You will get both a text message and an e-mail informing you of the lead.  You have 4 hours to accept the lead, before it gets sent to the next the agent.

Q:  If I accept a deal, where will I get the required paperwork?

When you accept the lead, you will be asked to re-confirm the terms of the referral agreement and e-sign.  Both the referral agreement and a copy of our W-9 will be available from your portal for the escrow, title, and/or Brokerage use.  If you need an additional form or paperwork, just send an e-mail to support@dishthedeal.com to get squared away.

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